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Automatically forwards you an EXACT COPY of their Chats, Instant Messages and Emails - PLUS - Allows you to block access to web sites and specific Chat/IM profiles.

eBlaster spy software is the ONLY software in the world that will capture their incoming and outgoing email, chats and instant messages - then IMMEDIATELY forward you an EXACT COPY.


  • You are at work and your child is home from school.
  • She receives an email from John at 3:00 PM.
  • Within seconds, you receive a COPY of that email sent to your email address.
  • A few minutes later, she replies to John's email.
  • Within seconds, you receive a COPY of what she sent to John.

In addition, eBlaster spy software records ALL emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited, keystrokes typed, programs launched and files downloaded/uploaded , Facebook & MySpace activity, Online Searches, and user activity - then sends it to you via email in the form of a detailed Activity Report. Receive your Activity Reports as frequently as once every hour or once a day - it's your choice.

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Regularly - $149.95

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PC Magazine Has Selected Spector Pro as its Editors’ Choice Twice, stating:

"Spector Pro offers the most powerful and complete spy software"

The Most Intelligent Internet Monitoring and Spy Software available.

Records Emails, Chats, IMs, Web Sites, Web Searches, Programs Run, Keystrokes Typed, Files Transferred, Screen Snapshots - Plus - Offers Chat Blocking, Internet Access Blocking, Instant Notification Alerts and Top 10 Summary Reports.

Start with the Most Advanced Screen Snapshot Recorder, Add ACTUAL Email Recording, PLUS ACTUAL Chat Recording, PLUS The World's Best Keylogger and Web Site Recording.

Then, add Program Recording and File Transfer Recording.

Add Facebook & MySpace activity recording so you will know everything your kids are posting about themselves on Facebook & MySpace and everything their friends are posting about them. Add online search recording so you will know everything they are searching for on Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Then add in Top 10 Summary Reports so that you will have a quick top-level view of everything they have been doing over the past day, week, month or several months.

In addition, Spector Pro will actually examine what is being done and analyze it to see whether you should be NOTIFIED RIGHT AWAY - if something bad is happening to your loved ones while they are surfing the Internet.

Finally, add in the ability to block specific web sites from being visited or block chat activity or block internet access altogether with Spector Pro's flexible Internet Access Blocking.

Combine 10 recording tools with Internet access blocking and intelligent and instant alert notification when content you specify is encountered and you have the most powerful spy software you can buy anywhere.

Spector Pro Spy Software
Complete Power. Complete Flexibility. Complete Control.

On Sale Today: $99.95
Regularly - $149.95

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Computer and Internet Monitoring Software for Corporate Networks

Spector CNE combines Spector Pro, winner of the prestigious PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award, with corporate network installation, configuration and deployment capabilities.

The result provides businesses with the most advanced monitoring software suite ever offered. Spector CNE internet spy software can be remotely configured and installed FROM any computer on the network TO any computer on the network, and the recordings can be viewed from any PC on the network!

With Spector CNE, you will be able to significantly reduce, eliminate or prevent the problems associated with Internet and PC abuse. You will have a complete record of your employees’ PC and Internet activity.

Spector CNE automatically captures and lets you review your employees’: emails sent and received, chat conversations and instant messages, files downloaded, web sites visited, applications launched and keystrokes typed. In addition, by taking screen snapshots, Spector CNE creates the equivalent of a digital surveillance tape so that you can see the exact sequence of everything your employees are doing on the computer.

No other Internet monitoring software comes close to the features, value, and return on investment Spector CNE can provide for your business! Try Our Cost Savings Calculator

Only: $695 (5 computer license)

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Spector 360
For Windows or Mac OS


IT professionals, Risk Officers, and HR staff have more worries than ever: insider theft, inappropriate communications, inefficient processes, employee investigations, and compliance requirements. These pressing issues demand a reliable, automated, advanced technology capable of showing user, department, and division activity no matter where the users are or what devices they are using. SPECTOR 360, the de facto corporate User Activity Monitoring solution, addresses these issues and meets this demand.

SPECTOR 360 monitors, captures, and analyzes ALL user and user group activity including: email sent and received, chat/IM, websites visited, applications/programs accessed, web searches, file transfers, and data printed or saved to removable devices.

SPECTOR 360 is the industry's only User Activity Monitoring solution featuring automated, remote installation of the Mac client.

Easy-to-Read Reports…Just Click!

SPECTOR 360 takes the recorded activity from each user's PC, Mac, or laptop, feeds that information into a database and provides more than 75 built-in, easy-to-read, comprehensive Quick View reports. Plus, it's easy to create unlimited custom reports to suit your organization's specific needs.

Using SPECTOR 360's powerful Quick View reports, you will quickly find answers to questions such as:

  • How are users communicating with customers and each other?
  • Are employees or contractors visiting inappropriate or dangerous websites?
  • Which applications are used most? See this information detailed by Active Time, Total Time, and Focus Time
  • Who is accessing, transferring, and printing sensitive IP?
  • Who is ignoring Acceptable Use Policies by posting information to Facebook on organization time?
  • Who is leaking confidential information or valuable trade secrets ... accidentally or for personal gain?
  • Which users are disclosing information in violation of industry compliance rules and regulations?
  • Who is involved in antiquated, outdated, or inefficient work processes?
  • Which users are transferring data to removable media like USB drives, CDs, or DVDs?

Starting at: $1725
(15 computer license)

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