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eBlaster Computer Spy Software

eBlaster Computer Spy Software is as Simple as Checking Your Email.

See EVERYTHING your Children or Employees Do on the Computer from ANYWHERE in the World

Install and Walk Away
Install eBlaster spy software on the computer and walk away. It's that simple! eBlaster will immediately go to work by automatically recording EVERYTHING your children and employees do online.

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How does it work?

Simple, after you install eBlaster, this powerful spy software sends you detailed reports of all Internet and PC activity directly to your email address.


eBlaster spy software records all their:

Email Spy Emails (both sent and received)
This includes web mail from Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook / Outlook Express and Many other Popular email services.
Chat and Instant Message RecordingChats and Instant Messages Receive
BOTH sides of chat in instant messages from AOL Chat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook & Myspace Chat, MSN Messenger, Trillian, Skype, Google Talk, Meebo and several java or “lite”version chats.
KeyloggerKeystrokes Typed
If any keystroke is typed, it could be a password for an email account, something written in a word document, ANYTHING that is typed, eBlaster will capture it.
Web Site RecordingWeb Sites Visited
eBlaster will record all websites visited. You will know what web sites they go to and how long they were visiting it for.
My Space MonitoringFacebook and MySpace Activity
eBlaster will record all activity on Facebook & MySpace. You will see every time that they change their profile, post pictures, make comments to other users, send messages to other users, send or accept a friend invitation and much more. You will even see the account login information for their Facebook and MySpace accounts.
Program Activity RecordingApplications Run
Whenever a program is run, eBlaster will tell you who used it, what they were doing on it, and how long they used the application.
P2P RecordingPeer-to-Peer Downloads
Programs like Kazaa, Morpheus, Limewire and Gnucleus will be captured in eBlaster, you will know what they were searching for and what files they have downloaded.
User Activity LoggingUser Logon/Logoff
When a user at the monitored computer logs on or logs off, eBlaster will record the activity and include it in your Scheduled Activity Report.

Who Uses eBlaster?

Parents will benefit from using eBlaster computer spy software in situations when their children have a PC in a different room or even in a different location from the home because eBlaster will record all internet activity and allow you to see what they have been doing from anywhere in the world.

Employers that do not have frequent access to the computer they need to monitor also use eBlaster because sends you a detailed activity report showing them exactly what your employees are doing on the computer.

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