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eBlaster Mobile for Android Powered Cell Phones

Android Phone SpyMonitor the activity on an Android from anywhere: at work, at home, on a business trip, on vacation even if you're thousands of miles away.

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What will you see with eBlaster Android?

  • SMS/Text Messages: Get transcripts of text message conversations - every word that was typed on both sides of the conversation. Know who said what to whom and when.

  • Web History: Review the address of EVERY website they visit. Find out if they are visiting inappropriate websites and how frequently they are visited. Know if they are spending all day surfing when they should be doing something else.

  • Location: Find out where they are and when they were there by using the GPS or cell site location of the phone. Did they really go where they said they were going, or did they stop someplace else?.

  • Voice Call Log: See when and who they are calling and for how long. Find out if people are talking on the phone at inappropriate times, or determine if they are making too many improper phone calls.

Read More about eBlaster Mobile Android Spy Software