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When you absolutely need to know everything they do online

Spector Pro

Spector Pro combines powerful monitoring features with extreme ease of use, making it the ideal choice for home users and small businesses.

Record emails, chats, IMs, keystrokes, websites visited, programs launched, P2P file sharing. PLUS - provides screen snapshots, Internet blocking and danger alerts.

The Most Intelligent Spy Software Available!

  • Are your children talking to strangers on the Internet?
  • Are your employees goofing off all day online?
  • Do they act different than they used to?

With Spector Pro you will FIND OUT!

Spector Pro spy software will record all, email, chat and instant messages, web sites visited, keystrokes typed, program launched, peer to peer activity, and visual snapshot recording that is the equivalent of watching a movie on a VCR.

In addition, Spectorpro will actually examine what is being done and analyze it to see whether you should be NOTIFIED RIGHT AWAY - if something bad is happening to your loved ones while they are surfing the Internet


Spector Pro now also includes advanced Internet Access Blocking which allows you to block all internet access, block by specific site, or even block specific Internet applications like AOL Instant Messenger from being accessed. You can block Internet and Program access by day of week and/or by time of week.

Spector Pro software records all their:

email Email Recording
Spector Pro will record every email sent and received from Outlook, Outlook Express, and other POP3/SMTP email, Myspace Web Mail, AOL internal and web mail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, and many other popular email services.
Chat and Instant MessagesChats Recording
BOTH sides of chat in instant messages from AOL Chat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook & Myspace Chat, MSN Messenger, Trillian, Skype, Google Talk, Meebo and several java or “lite”version chats.
Web Site RecordingWeb Site Recording
Do you need to monitor what websites have been visited? Spector Pro will record every web site that has been visited. You will also know what time they visited every web site, how long they were on the page, and how many times they visit the web site. –PLUS- Spector Pro will BLOCK access to any web site you choose to prevent future access to that page.
Keystroke RecordingKeystroke Recording
Spector Pro has one of the most advanced keystroke recording devices ever made. If they type ANYTHING on the keyboard, Spector Pro will record it. All keystrokes will be time stamped and even let you know what program was being used so you may easily identify the difference between and email, a password, a word document, you can see the possibilities…
Program RecordingProgram Activity Recording
The Program Recorder allows you to see at a glance ALL of the applications that have been used each day. If someone downloads a new program that starts affecting the performance of your computer, you'll be able to quickly see the new program in Spector Pro.
File SharingPeer to Peer Recording
Spector Pro records peer to peer applications like Kazaa, so that you will know what your kids or employees are searching for and what they are downloading. Spector Pro also provides the ability to block access to these peer to peer programs. Spector Pro also records Kazaa Lite, Gnucleus and Limewire.
Visual RecordingSnapshot Recording
Spector Pro snapshot recording is very similar to a VCR, you can hit play to see all of the snapshots in sequential order, if you want to fast forward or rewind, you may do so, you may pause the playback if you wanted to look at a specific image. Imagine having the ability to look over someone’s shoulder to see every movement they made on the computer. Having that visual detail can be an invaluable resource for anyone that needs to see exactly what they do online. Spector Pro does exactly that, you no longer need to imagine.

Additional Features

Keyword AlertsKeyword Alerting
The Spector Pro keyword alerts work by adding specific words that you choose and when they are typed in an email, chat conversation, web site, or anywhere else on the computer, Spector Pro will go in to hyper drive, increasing snapshots and gather data that will be emailed to you. This is of great benefit to parents that want to set up “danger” words that they need to know about when their kids use them.
Search and LocateSearch and Locate
Spector Pro has a search feature that will quickly locate the words that you want. You simply enter the information that you are looking for and click search, before you know it, you will have a list of recorded instances of each occurrence.
Block Web sitesInternet Access Blocking
With Spector Pro, you can now block specific web sites from being accessed, or you can block specific Internet applications like AOL Instant Messenger from being accessed. You can even block AOL from being accessed altogether. You can do this by day of week and/or by time of week.


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